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Qualified Foster Care Charitable Organization


There are about 14,000 children in the foster care program in Arizona. Funding of QFCO’s provide a wide variety of services, clothing, shelter and furniture to support these kids.

Contributions for the 2022 tax year can be made through April 15th, 2023.

  • Maximum contributions are $500 for filing single, or $1,000 for filing jointly.
  • Uses Tax Credit Form 352.

Is this donation a dollar-for-dollar tax credit off my Arizona State taxes?
Yes. Up to the maximum yearly donations set by the state, this donation is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit off your Arizona State taxes.

What organizations can receive a Qualified Charitable Tax Credit Donation? Only organizations that have been approved by the State of Arizona to operate as a Qualified Charitable Foster Care Organizations.   A list of current organizations that are approved to take these funds can be found on this website.

Can a taxpayer claim multiple tax credits in the same taxable year? Yes.

Can I recommend a specific child receive my donation?   No.

What forms should an individual use to claim these credits? Arizona Form 352.

Must the credit for contributions be claimed in the year of donation? No. Credit eligible donations from January 1 through April 15 of a calendar year may be used as a tax credit on the prior year’s tax return. For example, qualifying donations made January 1, 2021 to April 15, 2021 may be used as a tax credit on either your 2020 or 2021 Arizona income tax return.

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