Qualified Charitable Organization

Your donation to the QCO tax credit will support organizations assisting low income children, individuals and families.

Contributions can be made up to April 15, 2019.

  • Maximum contributions are $400 for filing single, or $800 for filing jointly.
  • Uses Tax Credit Form 321.


Is this donation a dollar-for-dollar tax credit off my Arizona State taxes?
Yes. Up to the maximum yearly donations set by the state, this donation is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit off your Arizona State taxes.

What organizations can receive a Qualified Charitable Tax Credit Donation? Only organizations that have been approved by the State of Arizona to operate as a Qualified Charitable Organization.  A list of current organizations that are approved to take these funds can be found on this website.

Can a taxpayer claim multiple tax credits in the same taxable year? Yes.

Can I recommend a specific child receive my donation?   No.

What forms should an individual use to claim these credits? Arizona Form 321.

Must the credit for contributions be claimed in the year of donation? No. Credit eligible donations from January 1 through April 15 of a calendar year may be used as a tax credit on the prior year’s tax return. For example, qualifying donations made January 1, 2019 to April 15, 2019 may be used as a tax credit on either your 2018 or 2019 Arizona income tax return.

Can a taxpayer receive a refund of these credits? No. The credits may only be used to the extent they reduce a tax liability to zero. Any unused amounts may be carried forward for up to five consecutive taxable years.

Qualified Organizations


         Kids in focus – Mentoring at-risk kids through photography

Behavioral  Health

         MIKID – Improves the behavioral health and wellness of Children

         Southwest Human Development – AZ’s only mental health clinic dedicated to children under age 5.

         Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health – Helping at-risk youth

Domestic Violence / Sex Trafficking

          A New Leaf– Providing support services to help individuals and families in crisis

          Phoenix Dream Center – Rescuing People, Rebuilding Lives, Realizing Dreams!

Education Support

          Challenge Foundation – Breaking the Cycle of poverty through Education

          Children’s Care Arizona  Helping low income families with Preschool expenses

          Creighton Community Foundation –  Supporting Kids in Public Schools

          JAG – (Jobs for Arizona Graduates)  – Helping young people stay in school

          Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona – Assistance for vocational studies

          Southwest Human Development  High-quality early childhood development programs


          St. Joseph the Worker – Transforming Lives Through Employment

Food Banks

          St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance  – Helping those in need receive food.

Healthcare Organizations

          AZ Hemophilia Association – Supporting people with inherited bleeding disorders.

          VisionQuest – Vision testing and preventable Blindness

Heath Care Education

          Shun the Sun – dedicated to the education and prevention of skin cancer.

          The Pace Foundation –  Pediatric Autoimmune Neurological Disorders.

Homeless Assistance

          House of Refuge Sunnyslope, Inc. Transitional housing and live changing resources

          Paz de Cristo Helping people struggling with hunger, poverty and homelessness

          UMOM New Day Centers – Assisting families, youth and single women experiencing Homelessness

Housing Assistance

          A New Leaf– Providing support services to help individuals and families in crisis.

          Paz de Cristo Helping people struggling with hunger, poverty and homelessness.

          UMoms – Moves families, youth and single women from shelters to permanent housing

Special Needs

          ACCELArizona Center for Comprehensive Education and Life Skills

          Cortney’s Place –  Day programs for adults with intellectual and development disabilities

          Moriah Cooperative – Guidance and support for children with Special Needs

          Southwest Human Development – Comprehensive disabilities services for young children.

 Youth Support

          Boys and Girls Club of the Colorado River  Enabling young people.

          Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale

          Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona  – Helping children meet their full potential.

          Crossroads Youth Intervention – Helping youth with the challenges of inner city life.

          Ninjenna Scholarship Foundation – Martial Arts Education.

           Reigning Grace Ranch – Healing and empowering children with our rehabilitated horses.

Military and Veterans support

          Military Assistance Mission – Providing financial and moral aid.

          Moving Vets Ahead – Helping veterans transition back to civilian life.


You can donate to any Qualified Charitable Organization in the state.
Click here to view the complete list of Qualified Charitable Organizations (PDF)

Choose to support any  Organization by typing their name on the donation form below.

Looking for organizations to donate to?

ACCEL Center for Education
Boys and girls club of Colorado river
Children's Care AZ - A Qualified Charitable Organization